Regarding ETA 2022 Accreditation Status

Dear ETA student,

The purpose of this letter is to inform students of Emergency Training Academy, the current status of our ABHES accreditation. On April 25, 2022, our institution completed the required renewal inspection for ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools). Institutional accreditation, although not currently required by the State of Florida to provide training for EMT and Paramedic programs, attaining accreditation is an integral part of our goals for the future of ETA.

In order to maintain accreditation, institutions must not only ensure successful completion of our programs but also certify that ETA alumni have obtained employment within their field of training. Unfortunately, ETA did not meet required placement ratios to secure ABHES accreditation renewal as of the inspection on April 25, 2022. In addition, at the time of inspection ETA was in the process of digitizing administrative and student records and launching the new name of our institution. Due to these discrepancies, ABHES has placed ETA on a status of show cause with a deadline to meet ABHES established criteria by November 1, 2022. We would like to reassure our students that ETA is working diligently to correct these issues and maintain our accreditation status current. Please note our students will not be affected by ETA accreditation status. Students course completion will remain unaffected as is their eligibility to take the examination for state licensure.

The healthcare industry faced many challenges navigating through a pandemic that resulted in a near total stagnation of our industrious local community. Fortunately, although students and programs continue to be impacted by the lasting effects of a global pandemic, established protocols have provided some resemblance of normalcy. As we continue to communicate with agencies to connect students with opportunities, we have also utilized this time to improve our institution and enhance access to our programs. The pandemic heightened the prioritization of instituting an online access component to our programs and firmly establishing a plan to ensure a fluid transition of course instruction due to an unprecedented event. In addition to maintaining ABHES compliance, it is of vital importance to ETA administration that we provide an all-encompassing learning environment and culture that not only boosts students’ immediate success but also cultivates an enduring support for future endeavors.

If you have any questions regarding our accreditation status, please feel free to contact student services in order to make an appointment to meet with administration. We are committed to serving our students and fostering an unwavering confidence in our institution.

To view the Commission PDF please click here > I-427 Instructor Show Cause PDF